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A2 Grade Fireproof Panel Line

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A2 Grade Fireproof Aluminum Panel Composite Panel Line

A2 Grade Fireproof Aluminum Panel Composite Panel Line

Detailed Product Description 

1.energy save
2.easy operating
3.high goods percentage & low malfunction
4.environment friendly . 

 A2 Grade Fire resistant Aluminum Composite Panel Line

We have successfully developed A2ACP production line and each performance has passed the tests of National Center for Building Quality Supervision, reached the national standard GB/T17748 of and also passed the test of National FireproofBuilding Materials Center(NFTC), come up to the standard GB8624-2006 A2-s1.d0.t0degree of classification.

A2ACP supplies a gap for ACP-disadvantage in fire-resistance grade and environment protection, besides; it holds all advantages of ACP.

For the common ACP, its plastic core material is inflammable polyethylene and easier burned when exposed on fire. Even for the current B1 fire resistant ACP, is only improve its combustion point. When the temperature reaches the point, it will stillburning and then caused the accident. Kazakhstan banned using ACP since 2009.SouthKorea and Russia are also published demand for ACP one after another. Our people suspect ACP because frequently fire accident caused by it. The reason of all above is ACP low degree for fire proof, sufficiently reflecting the safe-performance problem of ACP.

Our A2ACP adopting automatic successive composite production line, unique mechanical device and creative proprietary technology, with the unique advantages of successive production, will be a innovation which replaced the common ACP and makes up for domestic vacancy. It is also a revolution of ACP industry.

With all countries request higher and higher security standard of fire-resistant, A2ACP will totally meet demand the national standard on security and environmental protection by its powerful advantage for fire proof. A2ACP will widely used on various occasions, like airport assembly hall, entertainment sites, sports ground, hotel, office and so on, not only with great social and economical benefit, but also the guard for human security.


Product Specification

Standard Size






3mm,4mm,5mm 1220 2440 PVDF,PE,Parian,Wood Design A2 Inorganic Material

Raw Material
A: PE Material: A2 FR Material
B: Aluminum Material (Colorful-paint Aluminum coil ):
Thickness: 0.2~0.6mm
Maximum outer diameter: 1400mm
C. Adhesive Film:

Width: 1250~1600mm
Thickness: 0.03~0.05mm
Weight: 60~80Kg/Roll
D. Protecting Film:

Width: 1250~1600mm
Thickness: 0.06~0.08mm
Finished Product:

Width: 1220~1575mm
Thickness: 3~5mm
Length: According to the customer’s requirement
Speed Rate of Manufacturing: 1~3m/min
6. Total Air Consume: Pressure: 5~7Kgf/cm2
Consume: 0.5~1m3/min
7. Total Water Consume: Pressure: 1~2kg/cm2
Consume: 3 ton/day
8. Size of the Line:
length*width*height: 95m*7.5m*4.5m
9. Total Weight of the Equipments: 120tons